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Trivia: Drain Punch is Super effective on Aipom., so that would make it stronger than Needle Arm.
* Team Rocket doesn't blast off in this episode.
* When [[Gardenia]] is explaining {{m|Drain Punch}} to James, she mentions it is stronger than {{m|Needle Arm}}, which, at the time, was incorrect. Both Drain Punch and Needle Arm had the same [[base power]] of 60. After [[Generation V]] was introduced, however, the statement would then become true, as Drain Punch's base power was increased to 75, while Needle Arm's would remain the same.
** If [[STAB]] is taken into account, this would still be incorrect as Needle Arm would have a base power of 90 when factored in, although Drain Punch is Super effective on Aipom.