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With no reaction from Eusine, Silver guesses that Eusine isn't involved with the Plate or Team Rocket, when suddenly the man begins to tear up and dribble mucus uncontrollably. As gas cloaks around them, Silver's Pokédex identifies it as the lachrymator gas from Koffing's body. Silver guesses that the Koffing attacking them now are the same as those he fought earlier, and Petrel reveals himself, confirming Silver's suspicions. Silver has Weavile freeze the Koffing's vents with {{m|Icy Wind}} to block off the gas, but Petrel states that enough of the gas has already been released, and soon enough Silver will fall victim as Eusine has. The gas also hides Petrel's Pokémon from view; from within the gas, Petrel's {{p|Raticate}} strikes Weavile with {{m|Hyper Fang}} and scars Silver's face with its tail, before destroying the rope bridge that the men are standing on.
Silver barely manages to hold onto the fraying bridge with Weavile and Eusine in tow. Petrel is impressed with Silver's reflexes, but notes that Silver can no longer counter-attack, leaving him free to take Silver's Plate. Petrel begins musing which Plate Silver has, and declares that if he takes it, he'll have three Plates. Silver is surprised that there are multiple Plates, and Petrel confirms that Team Rocket's objective is to collect all of them. To Petrel's surprise, Silver smirks and says that he can steal Petrel's two plates instead, and lets go of the rope bridge. With a splash of water, [[Silver's {{p|Gyarados}}]] towers over Petrel, and Weavile has Petrel at claw-point. Glaring at Petrel from atop Gyarados, Silver demands Petrel for his Plates, as well as information on them.
==Major events==
* {{p|Weavile}} ({{OP|Silver|Weavile}})
* {{p|Honchkrow}} (Silver's)
* {{p|Gyarados}} ({{OP|Silver's|Gyarados}})
* {{p|Koffing}} (Petrel's; multiple)
* {{p|Raticate}} (Petrel's)