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Generation II

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===Johto thematic motif===
The second generation of Pokémon games were more directed towards mythology and tradition. The three starters were all "pure" element types, fitting the classic Water > Grass > Fire cycle all starters adhere to. Unlike two of the fully-evolved starter Pokémon in Generation I, and at least one of every starter trio since barring Generation IV and VI , the fully-evolved Johto starters maintain their single types.
This was the first installment that put emphasis on [[legendary Pokémon]] being actual legends in-game, in contrast to {{p|Mewtwo}} and the [[legendary birds]] of Generation I. [[Ecruteak City]] fleshed out the legends of {{p|Ho-Oh}} and [[legendary beasts|the three beasts]], their relationship with one another, and the story behind their departure (the [[Burned Tower]]). Lugia was also glimpsed by an elderly man in Ecruteak City, and others, who stated it looked like a dragon in the sky. Even the uncatchable {{p|Celebi}} was mentioned as the "Forest's Protector" at the shrine in [[Ilex Forest]].