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Personality and Characteristics
In ''[[PS459|All About Arceus VIII]]'', Pibu helped {{p|Celebi}} gather herbs to make medicine to cure {{adv|Giovanni}}'s disease while he was off helping Gold, {{adv|Silver}}, and {{adv|Crystal}} at the [[Sinjoh Ruins]]. He is assisted by the [[Spiky-eared Pichu]], and they meet the [[Team Rocket Elite Trio]], who were guarding the forest under Giovanni's command. When a group of {{tc|Team Rocket Grunts}} attack the Elite Trio under the pretense that they are traitors, they accidentally trample over the two Pichu. Angered, Pibu and the Spiky-eared Pichu attack the Grunts by shocking them. This allows the Elite Trio to get away fast enough so that they can hand the herbs to Giovanni and heal his disease. When Pibu returns to Gold, he blushes when Gold points out that he brought a girl Pichu home with him.
==Personality and Characteristicscharacteristics==
[[File:Pika Chuchu Pibu.png|left|thumb|200px|Pika, Chuchu, and Pibu]]
Due to Gold's efforts to protect Pibu's Egg, Pibu has inherited most of his personality as a result. One of his most prominent traits is his willingness to help others out no matter what, which was shown the instant he was born. Pibu also has the distinction of having the same tuft of hair as Gold. Pibu has a great relationship with both of his parents, [[Pika]] and [[Chuchu]].
==Moves used==
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