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'''Mr. Fuji''' (Japanese: '''フジ{{tt|老人|ろうじん}}''' ''Elder Fuji'') is a kind old man who lives in [[Lavender Town]].
==In the games==
Mr. Fuji looks after abandoned and orphaned {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} at the Lavender Volunteer Pokémon House in [[Lavender Town]]. He subscribes to {{DL|Magazines in the Pokémon world|Pokémon Fan}} Magazine. Mr. Fuji is supposedly shy. Mr. Fuji wishes for the happiness of all Pokémon. He cares for the {{p|Cubone}} that [[Team Rocket]] orphaned.
Mr. Fuji is not a native of Lavender Town. He used to live on [[Cinnabar Island]], where he was known as '''Dr. Fuji''' (Japanese: '''フジ{{tt|博士|はかせ}}''' ''Dr. Fuji''), the founder of [[Pokémon Lab]]. He is a close friend of [[Blaine]], as indicated by a portrait in the [[Cinnabar Gym]] in {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}.
In the [[Generation I]] games and Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, when members of Team Rocket killed {{OBP|Marowak|ghost}} at [[Pokémon Tower]], Mr. Fuji marched up to their [[Rocket Hideout|hideout]] and started to rant about how Team Rocket was abusing Pokémon. Later, Mr. Fuji went to the Pokémon Tower to calm the Marowak's restless spirit, but Team Rocket appeared and held him hostage until the {{player}} drove them out of the tower. In gratitude, Mr. Fuji gives the player a [[Poké Flute]].
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|フジ{{tt|老人|ろうじん}}<br>''Elder Fuji''
|From フジ ''Fuji'', ''{{wp|Wisteria}}'', a genus of plants with purple flowers. This may be because he lives in [[Lavender Town|Cion Town]], named for the purple color of a flower.
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