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In Coumarine City, the player will have a rematch will Serena/Calem. After the rival is defeated, the player may challenge [[Ramos]], the Gym Leader of the city. After obtaining the {{Badge|Plant}}, the player can head to {{rt|13|Kalos}}. Upon entering the desert route, Sina and Dexio will give the player the Mounrain Kalos Pokédex. The player cannot enter [[Lumiose City]] from Route 13 because of the power outage in the city. After defeating a {{tc|Team Flare Grunt}}. The player may enter the Power Plant. After defeating eight Team Flare Grunts, the player must defeat a {{tc|Team Flare Admin}}. The player's final challenge will be defeating [[Aliana]], a scientist for Team Flare. Once she has been defeated, the scientists will turn the power back on in Lumiose City. The player can now enter the city.
In Lumiose City, Shauna will invite the player to watch the lighting of the [[Prism Tower]]. [[Clemont]] and his sister [[Bonnie]] will come out of the tower. Clemont will use his invention to re-light the tower. Clemont will invite the player to battle him. After defeating Clemont, he will give the player the {{Badge|Voltage}} and {{TM|24|Thunderbolt}}. The player can then journey to [[Laverre City]] by way of {{rt|13|Kalos}}.
On route 14, Shauna, Trevor, and Tierno invite the player into the haunted house. The man in the house will them a story about a horde of faceless men. In Laverre City, the player can challenge Gym Leader [[Valerie]]. After the battle, Shauna and Trevor will encourage the player to visit the [[Poké Ball Factory]]. The player and his or her friends will find that the factory will be taken over by Team Flare. Shauna and Trevor will flee. In the factory, Calem/Serena will help the player defeat Team Flare by teaming up in a double battle against Team Flare scientists [[Celosia]] and [[Bryony]]. Once the factory has been rescued, the president will give the player and Calem/Serena the [[Master Ball]] and [[Big Nugget]]. The player can then head to [[Dendemille Town]] via {{rt|16|Kalos}}.