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In ''[[PS040|A Charizard...and a Champion]]'', Red uses Snor against {{adv|Blue}} [[Blue's Charizard|Charizard]] in the [[Pokémon League]] finals, though Blue immediately switches in and sends out {{TP|Blue|Machamp}}. Through its four arms he blocks Snor's limbs and prevents him from attacking. Machamp then easily lifts Snor with his four arms, before spinning him about to render Snor dizzy and slamming him onto the floor. After Snor hits the ground Red quietly tells Snor to use Harden in anticipation of Machamp's next attack. However, Machamp instead attacks the ground, using the shattered debris as a lever to catapult Snor into the air and out of the battlefield. Just as Snor is about to be disqualified for going out of bounds he plummets from mid-air and crushes Machamp with a Double-Edge and Toxic combo. Realizing Snor has taken heavy damage he recalls him.
==={{chap|Gold, Silver, & Crystal}}===
In ''[[PS115|Forretress of Solitude]]'', Snor is used in Red's test to become [[Viridian City]]'s [[Gym Leader]]. Red starts off having Snor use Belly Drum, which causes the {{p|Forretress}}'s {{m|Spikes}} to rebound and hit Forretress. Snor follows up with a Mega Punch, knocking it out. next opponent is an {{p|Azumarill}}, who promptly uses {{m|Whirlpool}}, surrounding Red and Snor. Snor uses Rest while inside it and quickly attacks with Mega Kick when Whirlpool subsides, knocking Azumarill out.
==={{chap|FireRed & LeafGreen}}===
In ''[[PS273|Red and Blue Make Purple Opponents]]'', Snor is used alongside [[Gyara]] in a double battle against Blue and his {{TP|Blue|Golduck}} and {{TP|Blue|Porygon2}}. [[Gyarados|Gyara]] starts the battle off with his [[Ability]] {{a|Intimidate}}, and Blue responds by having Golduck use {{m|Iron Tail}} and Porygon2 use {{m|Tri Attack}} on Red's Pokémon. Red then has Gyara counter attack with {{m|Body Slam}} on Porygon2, while Snor attacks Golduck with Strength. Gyara next uses {{m|Hyper Beam}} on Golduck, and Golduck uses {{m|Dig}} to hide and avoid further damage. Red counters by having Snor use Earthquake, dealing damage to Porygon2, twice the damage to Golduck due to him being underground, which causes him to faint, and Gyara being unaffected due to him being part Flying-type. Snor then goes up against Machamp, who proceeds to grab Snor's body and use {{m|Seismic Toss}}. Machamp follows up by rushing in front of Snor and and performing {{m|Low Kick}}, tripping Snor and sending him crashing into the ground, knocking him out.