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Like the first one, his second hat was also stolen by a monkey-like Pokémon which Ash later captured, this time [[Ash's Aipom|an Aipom]] in ''[[AG179|Slaking Kong!]]''. Unlike previous occasions, Ash actually accepted that it was gone (or so he assumed), saying that he would "feel strange" without it. At the end of the episode, Aipom returned Ash's hat to him. However, Aipom followed Ash and {{ashfr}} to the Kanto Grand Festival where it stole his hat again. After Ash captured her, Aipom stole Ash's hat multiple more times as the {{series|Advanced Generation}} ended and the {{series|Diamond & Pearl}} began.
Ash rarely flipped his hat during the series. Occasions on which he flipped his hat include when he was dressed as an eggplant in ''[[AG104|Claydol Big and Tall]]'', when he was cleaning the dojo in ''[[AG145|Pasta La Vista!]]'', while sleeping with his Pokémon in ''[[AG189|Gathering the Gang of Four!]]'', and during the climax of the [[M09|ninth Pokémon movie]].