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The gang is on their way to [[Mt. Silver]], with [[Ash's Larvitar]] napping peacefully in his [[bag|backpack]]. It wakes up, but {{m|Harden}}s in fear when {{an|Misty}} and {{an|Brock}} talk to it. {{Ash}} snuggles Larvitar, promising to protect it from scary Trainers like Misty, which leads to criticisms from Brock that Ash is babying it. Misty tells him that he needs to see how it has improved around other Pokémon. At that moment, a very angry wild {{p|Ursaring}} comes out of the scrub and chases the gang away, firing {{m|Hyper Beam}}s.
Having lost the Ursaring, the gang stop to catch their breath. Larvitar then wanders over and discovers a hot spring. Brock notices a variety of wild Pokémon sitting serenely in the hot water. Ash walks forward to test the water, but sets off an alarm by breaking a trip wire with his foot. A boy walks out from the growth, calling a challenge to {{p|Entei}}, only to discover the trio. He explains that he has studied all of the recent Entei sightings and determined that it is next due to appear at the springs. He introduces himself as [[Nelson]].