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Strategy and probabilities
====Strategy and probabilities====
Because the payouts are calculated based on an empty board, the odds favor the player as the more balls fill the roulette wheel. For example, on an empty board, the payout of a single space (×12) matches its probability (1/12). After five spins, the payout remains the same ×12, but the probability of a win increases to 1/7, giving the player a 71% edge on the final spin. This advantagecomes out to approximately a (30.64% onadvantage average)over inall spins; this advantage can theoretically become even greater given that the roulette wheel spins relatively slowly and it is somewhat possible for the player to time the release of the ball. The odds favorsfavor the player in the long run, but the small bet amounts inhibit winning fortunes quickly. (In this way, on service days when the Game Corner increases the maximum bet on the roulette table and advertises that it "improves your luck", it in fact does increase the rate at which the player can make a profit.)
==Service counter==