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Ash arrives at the Striaton City [[Pokémon Center]]. As he hands his Pokémon over the counter, he addresses the [[Nurse Joy]] as the one whom he met at [[Accumula Town]]. However, she corrects him, telling him that she is the older sister of the Joy at Accumula Town, and shows him her family photo: three rows of identical Joys crowded together within the small frame. As Nurse Joy questions if he came from a Gym battle, Cilan affirmatively answers from behind, and requests to talk to Ash.
Seated in a corner of the waiting area, where an old man is feeding his {{p|Sandile}}, and a small girl is brushing her {{p|Patrat}}, Cilan begins his conversation with Ash. He subsequently questions Ash fervently, with regard to their previous battle, before a confused-looking Ash is called on to receive his Pokémon. An {{p|Audino}} appears with Ash's Pokémon, and Ash soon learns from Cilan that Nurse Joy has aan {{TP|Nurse Joy|Audino}} helping her within the Pokémon Center. Ash checks his Pokédex.
Suddenly, Iris rushes into the Pokémon Center, her {{TP|Iris|Axew}} glowing pink as she carries it to Nurse Joy. She exclaims that the city is emitting pink light, and as Axew was exposed to the light, it too started glowing pink and fell asleep. At that moment, a woman in a lab coat, together with her {{TP|Fennel|Munna}}, runs into the Pokémon Center. As she sees Axew, she quickly asks Munna to wake Axew up, and the Dream Eater Pokémon complies: it starts consuming the pink cloud surrounding Axew.