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The episode opens up with {{Ash}} and {{Ashfr}} arriving at the foot of [[Mt. Molteau]] and speculating that it may be a volcano. Hearing a noise to their right, they notice a {{p|Charmeleon}} stepping out behind some bushes. {{AP|Pikachu}} and {{TP|Clemont|Dedenne}}, express their delight and run towards the Charmeleon, only to find Charmeleon retaliating with {{m|Flamethrower}}. The Charmeleon is revealed to be {{an|Trevor}}’s as he arrives and meets the group, only to find himself attacked with Charmeleon's Flamethrower too.
{{an|Serena}} asks why Charmeleon is in an awful mood, and Ash suggests maybe Charmeleon wants a battle. Charmeleon agrees and Ash decides to battle with {{AP|Fletchinder}}. Charmeleon begins by attacking with {{m|Fire Spin}}, which Fletchinder dodges. Charmeleon then uses FlamthrowerFlamethrower, which Fletchinder deflects with {{m|Steel Wing}}. Fletchinder then hits back with {{m|Flame Charge}}. Charmeleon takes the attack and attacks back with {{m|Dragon Claw}}. Charmeleon then uses Flamethrower, which Fletchinder dodges and uses Steel Wing again, this time knocking Charmeleon out. After the battle, Charmeleon seems to be much calmer than before.
The group then take a break to eat, and reminisce about their time at the [[Pokémon Summer Camp]]. Bonnie comments Charmeleon’s attitude hasn’t changed since then, and Trevor remarks how Charmeleon has been amazing in battle, earning him the [[Bug Badge]]. Trevor then asks the others whether they also are searching for {{p|Moltres}}, with his analysis having tracked down Moltres to Mt. Molteau. Trevor proceeds to show photos he had taken of {{p|Zapdos}} and {{p|Articuno}}, and continues to ramble on about other photos of other rare Pokémon which leaves the others dumbfounded. Afterwards, Ash and group decide the help Trevor in finding Moltres.