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[[File:Heroine Opening.png|thumb|right|250px|The Heroine (Rank I) and {{p|Eevee}} in the opening credits]]
The Heroine starts off in the nation of [[Aurora]] with their partner {{p|Eevee}}, having just become the most recent [[Warlord]]. The Heroine meets up with [[Mitsunari]], [[Kiyomasa]], and [[Masanori]], who taunt her, stating that she isn't ready to be a Warlord. At this point, two Warriors from the neighboring nation of [[Ignis]] quickly challenge the Heroine to battle. [[Oichi]] joins in the battle to support the Heroine.
After defeating the duo, Oichi relays the details of the legend of Ransei, and sets the Heroine off on a quest to unite the 17 nations. Upon conquering the final nation, the Heroine has the chance to link with {{p|Arceus}}. When the player successfully links with Arceus, Nobunaga appears and challenges the Heroine's party to a final battle, along with [[Nō]], [[Ieyasu]], [[Mitsuhide]], [[Hideyoshi]], and [[Ranmaru]].
Upon defeating Nobunaga, the Heroine brings peace to the land of Ransei, allowing each Warlord leader to rule their respective nations once again. Arceus goes off, telling the Heroine it will appear again when the time is right.
===Warlord information===