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The use of Gyarados is significant as Misty had been afraid of the species up until this point. This came from a traumatic event in her childhood when she had crawled into the mouth of a sleeping Gyarados and was almost swallowed by it.
In ''[[AG045|A Togepi Mirage!]]'', when Misty visited Ash in [[Hoenn]], she used Gyarados to defeat [[Colonel Hansen]]'s {{p|Shedinja}} with Flamethrower. It also appeared briefly in ''[[The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon]]'', where Misty used it to battle against [[Dr. Yung]]'s {{pkmn2|Mirage}} {{p|Mewtwo}}, which, however, was wayfar too strong for the Atrocious Pokémon.
===Personality and characteristics===