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I just uploaded those cropped vs artworks because actually Juan also doesn't have an official vs artwork since he is geniii character only and it was uploaded one for him a long time ago. I thought that was permitted because this vs portrait weren't deleted at any point and kanto e4 and hoenn's bf were with old sprites of ten years ago while he doesn't, so I uploaded thinking on make the pages more attractive and those characters to not being the only with old sprites. It was not my intetion to make anything illegal or that would hurt bulbapedia's terms, I just did it because I thought it was permitted since another user did it and didn't have the vs artwork deleted. ([[User talk: HilbertCalderon]] 01:34, 22 March 2016 (UTC)
:Don't worry. You didn't know. The reason why I asked you is because those crops don't exist in the games, as you said, he doesn't have an official VS Artwork. Who is the one you say didn't have his images deleted? I'll take a look at it. [[User:Masatoshi|<span style="color: #3363FF; text-shadow: 1px 1px 0px #aaa"><sc>'''Masatoshi'''</sc></span>]] [[User_talk:Masatoshi|<span style="color: #ED3B3B; font-family: Times New Roman;">''talk''</span>]] 20:17, 24 March 2016 (UTC)
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