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Ken Sugimori

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Toriyama's early works were more circular; it wasn't until the Saiyan saga of Dragon Ball that he switched to the angular look that Sugimori appears to have adopted.
'''Ken Sugimori''' (Japanese: '''杉森建''', born January 27, 1966) is a friend of [[Satoshi Tajiri]] and illustrator of the original artwork for [[Pokémon]] [[Pokémon games|games]]. He also has developed conceptual artwork for the {{pkmn|movie}}s, and illustrates {{Trading Card Game}} cards and merchandising.
Sugimori's change of style over the years has been noticeable. Initially, he used a stiff, lightly shaded style using watercolors that was very reminiscent of the early works of [[wp:Akira Toriyama|Akira Toriyama]].'s visual Howeverstyle, inparticularly recentthat yearsfrom 1989-onwards. However, his now digitally-produced drawings of people and creatures have hadgradually gained more muscle definition, significantly rounder corners, heavier shading, and more natural and& fluid poses.
The character in the [[Pokémon anime]], Kenji (called [[Tracey Sketchit]] in the dub), may be a homage to him, especially as both enjoy creating art. This is similar to the way Satoshi (called [[Ash Ketchum]] in the dub) is named after Satoshi Tajiri.