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The '''Lake of Rage''' (Japanese: '''{{j|いかりのみずうみ}}''' ''Lake of Rage''), also known as '''Gyarados Lake''', is a location in [[Johto]]. It is located just north of [[Mahogany Town]], connecting it with {{rt|43|Johto}}, making it the northern-most accessible point of the [[Johto]] region. A large lake spans the area of the Lake of Rage, with a few residents living nearby. It is said to be the largest lake in the region. West of the lake lies a labyrinth of trees, which hides a house.
It is said the Lake of Rage was created the last time many {{p|Gyarados}} got together and stirred up a storm. The crater that remained filled with rainwater and became the Lake of Rage. In the middle of the lake dwells a {{Shiny}} [[Red Gyarados|Gyarados]] that had recently became irritable due to the radio waves transmitted by [[Team Rocket]] from their [[Team Rocket HQ|hideout]] in [[Mahogany Town]]. The Lake of Rage was considered a dangerous place to go, as the [[red Gyarados]] started tipping over boats and scaring swimmers.
[[File:Beta Lake of Rage.png|thumb|200px|TheA betapossible prototype of the Lake of Rage]]
* ThereUnused debug text in Japanese Crystal spells the lake's name as {{j|「イカリのみずうみ」}}, with ''ikari'' in katakana ({{j|イカリ}}) as opposed to the usual hiragana ({{j|いかり}}). Additionally, there is a [[Pokémon Gold and Silver beta|betaleftover]] areamap in Gold and Silver that includes a [[Pokémon Center]], [[Poké Mart]], and even a Pokémon [[Gym]] surrounding a lake that is a similar size and shape to the Lake of Rage. This area, inaccessible during normal gameplay, is one of the remaining beta maps of towns from the development of Gold and Silver, and may have been a predecessor to [[Mahogany Town]]. This is likely why it's possible to {{m|Fly}} here, even though it's not a city or town.
* [[Pokémon FireRed & Pokémon LeafGreen: Super Music Collection|''Sevii Islands'']] in FireRed and LeafGreen ([https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvpQsxxzELw listen]) is a rearrangement of {{DL|Pokémon HeartGold & Pokémon SoulSilver: Super Music Collection|Disc 3|''Route 42''}} from Gold and Silver ([https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yx_h8oIgmsE listen]), which is shared with the Lake of Rage.
* A remix of the background music heard here can be heard on most of the [[Sevii Islands]]' routes.
* Even though it is said that Team Rocket's radio signal is evolving all the Magikarp in Lake of Rage, Magikarp can still be found there at any time.
* {{tc|Ace Trainer}} Lois makes a reference to a pink Butterfree, possibly [[pinkPink Butterfree|the one]] that appeared in ''[[EP021|Bye-Bye Butterfree]]'', but more likely an ordinary {{Shiny}} {{p|Butterfree}}.
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