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Pokkén Tournament
[[File:Pokkén Shadow Mewtwo.png|thumb|230px|Shadow Mewtwo in Pokkén Tournament]]
===[[Pokkén Tournament]]===
In November 2015, a new character called Shadow Mewtwo (Japanese: '''ダークミュウツー''' ''Dark Mewtwo'') was revealed for the [[Pokkén Tournament]], notably having the same prefix as the Shadow Pokémon in Colosseum and XD in both Japanese and English. In the past, [[Anne]] was almost posessed by a [[Synergy Stone|Shadow Synergy Stone]], but Mewtwo saved her and the shadow synergy stone took control over Mewtwo, causing It to drain power of the synergy stones in [[Ferrum]], continuosly increasing It's power until Player, [[Nia]] and Anne saved Mewtwo, returning It back the way It was before