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===Shiny Ditto glitch===
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The Shiny Ditto glitch requires a game from [[Generation I]] and [[Generation II]], but only has an effect on a Generation II game. In Generation I, if a Pokémon uses the move {{m|Transform}} while already transformed, after being caught it will retain the {{IV}}s of the Pokémon it transformed into. Due to Shininess being determined by IVs in Generations I and II, this allows the player to make a wild Ditto Shiny by having it use Transform while already Transformed; this can be accomplished by either having a Shiny Pokémon that knows Transform ({{p|Mew}}, certain [[glitch Pokémon]], or another Ditto), or by teaching a Shiny Pokémon Mimic, then having the wild Ditto use Mimic on the move Transform. While Shiny Pokémon do not exist in Generation I, due to being determined by IVs, this Ditto will be Shiny when traded to Generation II.