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===Default player and rival names===
The unused default names for {{ga|Red}} (<sc>[[Nintendo|Ninten]]</sc>) and {{ga|Blue}} (<sc>{{wp|Sony}}</sc>) remain unaltered.<ref>[http://acmlm.kafuka.org/board/thread.php?pid=18912#18912 Intresting and funny in Pokemon Red - Board 2]</ref> In the Japanese version, Blue's unused default name remains unaltered from {{game|Blue| (Japanese)}} while Red's was subtly altered by gaining an extra digit (ゲーフリ1).<ref>[http://iimarck.us/i/default-names/ Default names]</ref>
===Semi-unused yellow palette===
[[File:YellowTitle GBC unused.png|thumb|The Game Boy Color mode's yellow palette]]
In Japanese Yellow on [[Game Boy Color]] mode, the game uses a yellow palette similarly to how Red, Green, and Blue use their respective red, green, and blue palettes. In Western Yellow, [[Game Boy Color]] mode instead uses the [[Super Game Boy]] palettes but with more saturated colors.
The yellow palette from Japanese Yellow is used by Western Yellow in certain situations like [[Pikachu's Beach]] hi-score screen and it can be reinstated completely by modifying the ROM.<ref>[http://forums.glitchcity.info/index.php/topic,6459.msg200012.html#msg200012 Pokémon Yellow: SGB/GBC differences]</ref>