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[[File:Berlitz crest.png|thumb|right|150px|Platinum's Berlitz family crest]]
The '''House of Berlitz''' is a powerful family in the [[Sinnoh]] region in the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga. TheWith familya ishistory spanning 200 years, and being economically powerful and extremely wealthy, withthe theirfamily's property comprisingcomprises a thriving family business, several Grand Hotels all over the region and a massive mansion in [[Sandgem Town]], among other things. Several members of the family are renowned academics specialising in Pokémon research. The family and its members have also partaken in and funded some research projects. The most notable of these studied ways of controlling {{p|Rayquaza}} and was conducted with the [[Pokémon Association]].
There is a long-standing coming of age tradition in the family in which the members of the family travel to the peak of [[Mt. Coronet]] to gather materials in order to craft their own family crests.
==Known members==