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Struggle (move)

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Generation III
===Generation III===
A Pokémon will still take recoil damage even if it has an Ability that would prevent it, such as {{a|Rock Head}}. Like all typeless damage moves, Struggle can hit through {{a|Wonder Guard}}. Its target is a randomly selected enemy in [[Double Battle]]s.
If a Pokémon is holding a {{DL|In-battle effect item|Choice Band}} and is affected by {{m|Disable}}, {{m|Taunt}}, {{m|Imprison}}, or {{a|Cursed Body}} such that it cannot use the move that the Choice Band forces it to, it will always use Struggle as long as the item and the effect both remain active. If a Pokémon is holding a Choice Band and is affected by {{m|Torment}}, the Pokémon will use Struggle every second turn.