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At the [[Ranger Union]], Chairperson [[Erma]] officially names {{ra|Kate}} a [[Top Ranger]] and hands her a Vatonage Styler. [[Barlow]] and [[Crawford]] express joy to see Kate getting such acknowledgement from Erma and state that everyone from the Base came to see it. Noting how [[Rhythmi]] is an [[Operator]], {{ra|Isaac}} is a researcher, and {{ra|Keith}} is a Ranger in another region, Erma states that Class 27 has done well for itself. Kate attempts to tinker with her new Styler, but Erma tells her not to blow it up.
When Erma asks where [[Kellyn]] is, Barlow states that he should be here since he left at the same time as Crawford. Kate goes outside and finds Kellyn at the bottom of the stairs. Kate tries calling out to Kellyn, but he gestures her to be quiet. Kellyn finds a wild {{p|Starly}} and fires his Capture Disc and captures it. When Crawford asks why Kellyn is acting like that when he's not on a mission, Kate reveals that ever since he saw something on the [[Almia Times]], Kellyn has been capturing and releasing Pokémon over and over.
Kellyn attempts to go to the top of the Altru Tower to investigate, but Barlow refuses to let him go since Kellyn is still under his orders. The two get into a brief argument, but Erma comes out of the Union and asks if Kellyn is sure of what he says. Kellyn attempts to confirm his suspicious by reciting another Almia Times article, but Erma trusts his decision and makes the investigation of Altru Tower an official mission. Erma attempts to call and inform [[Professor Hastings]], but gets no answer. Barlow decides to let Kate come on the mission, much to Kellyn's displeasure. Kate gets angry and states that she already apologized for messing up his collection, but Kellyn calls her a ditz that will just get in the way. This angers Kate even further, who demands that he add a "-chan" to her name while Kellyn tells her to stop following him.
Later, the group heads towards Altru Tower. Barlow tells Kate to stop sulking and points out that Kellyn just has his odd quirks. Barlow states that Rangers never work alone and are assisted by Mechanics[[Mechanic]]s, who work on Stylers, Discs, and Record Machines, and Operators, who provide backup from Bases. However, since Kellyn can do the work of an Operator and Mechanic all by himself, Kellyn tends to do his work alone and has hard time trusting people. Despite this, Barlow wonders how two people in the same class could not have ever met each other. Kate tries to explain that it was because Kellyn was a transfer student from Fiore and that the dorms were split between boys and girls, Crawford assumes that it was because one or the other was just suspended constantly, causing Kate to fall to the ground. As Kate tells them to not assume that she was a terrible student, three figures watch the group from afar.
{{ra|Ice}}, expresses annoyance at seeing that the Rangers have arrived earlier than he expected. [[Lavana]] tells him that it'd be better if they get the fight over with early. [[Heath]] assumes the Rangers think that Team Dim Sun is gone without their leader, but now that they have a new one, the Rangers are wrong. They ask their new leader if what they said it correct.