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{{search|game mechanic in Pokémon Conquest|the game known as Pokémon Link! in European releases|Pokémon Trozei!}} ''For the data transferal feature in the [[Generation VI]] games, see [[Pokémon Link]].''
A '''link''' (Japanese: '''リンク''' ''link'') refers to the emotional bond between a [[Warrior]] and a Pokémon, featured in [[Pokémon Conquest]]. Affecting the strength of a Pokémon, and being measured in percentages with an upper limit of 100%, it is an analogue to the main series concept of [[level]]s.
==Perfect Link==
Depending on how well-matched a pair of [[Warrior]] and Pokémon is, the maximum value of the link between the two varies. Maximum link values are signified by bronze, silver, and gold symbols; the latter signifying a maximum link percentage of 90% or higher. A '''Perfect Link''' (Japanese: '''ベストリンク''' ''Best Link'') is a maximum link value of 100%. Each Warrior has specific Pokémon (sometimes more than one, generally in the same evolutionary family) with which they share a Perfect Link. When a Pokémon is paired with a [[Warlord]] with whom it shares a Perfect Link, it will have several sprites showing different emotions<!--term used in the game-->, as opposed to a single, universal sprite.
A Warrior can form new links with wild Pokémon. A gold symbol above the wild Pokémon signifies a maximum link percentage of 90% or higher, while a silver symbol signifies a maximum link percentage from 70% to below 90%, and a bronze symbol signifies a maximum link percentage from 50% to below 70%. A wild Pokémon with no symbol indicates a maximum link percentage below 50%, while an x symbol indicates the Warrior cannot link with that Pokémon.
==Move rank==