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Upon defeat, he will give the player the {{DL|Master Medal|Psychic Medal}} and two {{GB|1|Laboratory}} booster packs.
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==={{TCG|Strange Psyshock Deck}}===
In Pokémon Card GB2, Murray and his [[Club Member]]s are forced via mind control by [[Miwa|GR-4]] to duel the {{player}}. When Murray is beaten, he breaks out of his trance, pulls the player aside, and gives the player an {{DL|Coin (TCG)|TCG Island coins|Alakazam Coin}} and a deck designed to counter GR-4. After beating GR-4, she flees the [[Psychic Club]], returning it to its rightful owner. If the player loses, however, Murray has to be beaten again for a rematch.
Murray challenges the player to a 4-card prize match using his Handed Over GR Deck.
==={{TCG|Handed Over GR Deck}}===
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