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'''Vermilion City''' (Japanese: '''{{j|クチバシティ}}''' ''Kuchiba City'') is a city in [[Kanto]].
Situated near a sea inlet to the south, it serves as a popular sea port for ships such as the [[S.S. Anne]]. Vermilion Harbor is a home port for many ships. The S.S. Anne sails around the world and returns to Vermilion once a year. The [[S.S. Aqua]] sails from [[Olivine City]] in [[Johto]] to Vermilion Harbor. The [[Seagallop|Seagallop Ferries]] sail regularly to all of the [[Sevii Islands]]. Aside from the harbor, the other exits to the city are {{rt|11|Kanto}} and [[Diglett's Cave]] to the east. North of the city is {{rt|6|Kanto}}.
'''''The Port of Exquisite Sunsets''''' (Japanese, Generations I-III: '''{{j|クチバは オレンジ ゆうやけのいろ}}''' ''Kuchiba is the color of orange sunsets.''; Generation IV: '''{{j|ゆうやけいろの みなとまち}}''' ''The sunset-colored port town.'')
==Places of interest==
{{Incomplete|section|HGSS map}}
'''Vermilion Harbor'''{{sup/1|RBY}}{{sup/3|FRLG}} or '''Vermilion Port Entrance'''{{sup/2|GSC}}{{sup/4|HGSS}} (Japanese: '''{{j|クチバみなといりぐち}}''' ''Kuchiba Port Entrance'') is one of the larger docks in the [[Kanto]] region, and shipsboats such as the [[S.S. Anne]]{{sup/1|RBY}}{{sup/3|FRLG}}, [[S.S. Aqua]]{{sup/2|GSC}}{{sup/4|HGSS}}, and [[Seagallop|Seagallop Ferries]]{{sup/3|FRLG}} dock here.
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====S.S. Anne====
{{main|S.S. Anne}}
The [[S.S. Anne]] is a well-known luxury cruise liner that [[Transportation in the Pokémon world|sails]] the {{pkmn|world}}, stopping annually in Vermilion City. In the [[Generation I]] games and {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}, the {{player}} can board the S.S. Anne if they have an {{key|III|S.S. Ticket}}, but cannot stay on it for its departure. This ship contains many {{pkmn|Trainer}}s looking for a {{pkmn|battle}}.
====S.S. Aqua====
{{main|S.S. Aqua}}
In the [[Generation II]] games and {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}, the [[S.S. Aqua]] takes the place of the S.S. Anne, and travels between Vermilion City and [[Olivine City]] in [[Johto]] on {{DL|Days of the week|Wednesday}}s and {{DL|Days of the week|Sunday}}s. The player must have the {{key|IV|S.S. Ticket}} in order to board it.
===Pokémon Fan Club===
[[File:SS Truck.png|thumb|right|The truck, asat itthe appearsharbor in {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}]]
* In the [[Generation I]] games, a {{DL|S.S. Anne|Rumors|truck}} appears as scenery in the [[S.S. Anne]]'s port, though it is only visible if the {{player}} actively seeks it out. Due to the scarcity of scenery in the Generation I games, as they were on a less powerful system, rumors began to spring up about its purpose, although it is ultimately purely cosmetic. It reappeared in the Generation III games{{2v2|FireRed|LeafGreen}}, in which a {{DL|Status condition healing item|Lava Cookie}} can be found hidden on the southern end of the same pier as it.
* Vermilion City and [[Cinnabar Island]] are named after the same color in the English versions of the Pokémon games but not in the Japanese versions, since ''{{wp|vermilion''}} ({{j|{{jwp|朽葉|クチバ}}}} ''kuchiba'', "decayed leaves") refers to a shade of orange while ''{{wp|crimson''}} ({{j|{{jwp|紅蓮|グレン}}}} ''guren'', "crimson lotus") refers to a shade of red. Vermilion is an orange-red pigment, produced from the orange-red mineral {{wp|cinnabar}}. This explains why Vermilion City is colored orange while Cinnabar Island is colored red in the [[Generation I]] games when played with the [[Super Game Boy]] enhancements enabled on a compatible system or with the [[Game Boy Color]] enhancements available in the international releases of {{game|Yellow}} (including the [[Virtual Console]] release).
* In [[Generation]]s {{gen|II}} and {{gen|IV}}, there is a photo of people fishing inside the Fishing Dude's house. The {{player}}'s reaction differs between the two generations:
** Generation II: "''It's a photo of people fishing... They're having a great time...''"
** Generation IV: "''You found something in between the pages... It's a photo of people fishing... They look identical!''"
==Name origin==
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| Japanese
| {{j|クチバシティ}} ''Kuchiba City''
| {{j|朽葉色}} (''kuchiba iro'') refers to the orange color of decayed leaves.
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| English
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| Korean
| {{k|갈색시티}} ''Galsaek City''
| {{k|갈색}} (褐色) ''galsaek'' means "brown."
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| Chinese ({{tt|Mandarin|Taiwan and mainland China}})