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* The writing on the Poké Ball in the advertisement is spelled "POCKEMON LEAG". This was not corrected in the dub, possibly as it is hard to read anyway. This misspelling of "Pokémon" as "Pockemon" is likely due to the fact that at the time of this episode's production (1997) there were no concrete plans for Pokémon's appearance to be international, and thus no standard romanization. Compare: '''ポケモン'''/'''ポケ'''ット'''モン'''スター ('''Pokémon'''/'''Pocke'''tto '''Mon'''sutā).
* When Ash reaches for his hat after climbing the tree, the hat is facing backward on Mankey's head. But in the next shot where Ash is knocked to the ground, the hat is facing forward.
* When James kicks Mankey, he kicks Mankey away from him. In the next shot, however, Mankey is behind Team Rocket.
** Mankey is also seen without Ash's hat on his head when he begins to evolve. However, after evolving into Primeape, Ash's hat is suddenly on its head again.
* The half-focused eyes on Misty's face appear twice when she comments on Ash's "Donut Pokémon": both before and after her lips start moving.
* The Primeape shown during the "Who's That Pokémon" segment is missing its nostrils.