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Trivia: Cycling Road, Mountain Road, etc. Alternate names for routes have always been a thing but they were less common before X and Y.
** However, the first trailers for {{g|Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}} showed that they were intended to be released worldwide sometime in November 2014, until the final trailers established that the games would be released in Europe on November 28, 2014 after their release in the rest of the countries on November 21 of that year.
* These Pokémon games have the shortest names using only one letter each (X and Y).
* These are the only games to have alternate names for routes, such as [[Kalos Route 1|Vaniville Pathway]] (for Route 1), [[Kalos Route 2|Avance Trail]] (for Route 2), etc.
* These are the only core series games after {{game|Platinum}} to not play the [[game mascot]]'s cry upon pressing START on the title screen, instead playing a generic confirmation sound.
* These are the first core series games not to have an introduction prior to the title screen. Instead, the introduction plays after the title screen animation.