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Dawn's Buneary

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*For [[DP018]], [[Professor Oak's lecture]] is about Dawn's Buneary. He writes this [[Pokémon senryū]] about it: ミミロルが みみをまるめて みみロール ''Mimirol, rolling up its ears, ear-roll.''
* In ''[[DP039|Steamboat Willies!]]'', Buneary (along with [[Dawn's Aipom|Aipom]] and [[Brock's Happiny|Happiny]]) was seen in a dress after the three discovered a rack of them. This would seem to suggest Buneary is female. What that, if anything, would mean for Ash's Pikachu is pure speculation at this point.
*While Buneary are unable to learn {{Ice Beam}} naturally, Dawn's Buneary was caught already knowing [[Ice Beam]]. This suggests that Dawn's Buneary may have once been owned by another trainer or it may have found a [[Ice Beam]] [[TM]]
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