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After {{m|Tackle|tackling}} each other, they look at each other. Meowth jumps in and tells Seviper to forget about Zangoose and just capture Pikachu together, but he only succeeds in being whacked with Seviper's tail. Meowth is sent rolling down the hill with Team Rocket and falling into the river.
Seviper {{m|Wrap|wraps}} Zangoose, and Zangoose {{m|Bite|bitesbite}}s Seviper. Nicholai tells Seviper to stop but is knocked over by the two Pokémon. The two Pokémon fall in the river. Flowing down the stream, Seviper uses {{m|Poison Tail}} and Zangoose hits a rock, unconscious. Just as it is about to attack Zangoose again, Ash sends out {{AP|Corphish}}, it uses {{m|BubbleBeam}} to attack Seviper, and carries Zangoose to shore. Zangoose seems to be hurt really badly. Then, Brock explains that he will help to heal it.
After mixing the {{tt|medicine|Antidote}}, he passes it to Nicholai. He feeds Zangoose the medicine. Max says that Zangoose will not stop until it gets revenge.
As Team Rocket sit near the river, Seviper suddenly jumps out of the river and lands near them. Without thinking, James yells at it and wants Seviper to apologize. Just then, James immediately apologizes as he notices Seviper’s anger. He kneels and pleads for forgiveness and Seviper decides to forgive him. Then, Meowth asks Seviper if he is finding Nicholai’s Zangoose, and he nods. Then, Meowth says that Seviper still wants to battle Zangoose. Jessie chimes in and says that there IS a fierce hatred in the world, just like her hatred towards [[Cassidy]]. If she sees Cassidy, she wants to kill her. So Jessie, being sympathetic, decides to take Seviper’s side and help find and defeat Zangoose.
Back to the other side, Ash and Nicholai do some [[Pokédex]] research for information on Seviper. Then, they decide to try it themselves. Nicholai gets into a Zangoose costume, and Ash gets into a Seviper costume. Then, they start to run at each other, and {{tt|Seviper|Ash}} uses its tail to knock {{tt|Zangoose|Nicholai}} down. Nicholai cries out in pain, Ash then realizes Seviper’s strength. {{tt|Zangoose|Nicholai}} gets up. {{tt|Seviper|Ash}} is about to use its tail again, but {{tt|Zangoose|Nicholai}} dodges it. Then, {{tt|Seviper|Ash}} bites {{tt|Zangoose|Nicholai}}. Skitty lets itself out of its Poké Ball, and May runs after it. Zangoose hears Seviper nearby and runs off to battle, even in its weak state. It turns out Jessie and Seviper were using a microphone to amplify Seviper's voice. Zangoose runs into the clearing, with the gang close behind. The epic battle ensues. During the battle, James and Meowth snatch Pikachu and Ash and everyone else besides Nicholai run off to chase them. James sends out {{TP|James|Cacnea}} to slow them down with {{m|Pin Missile}}. James and Meowth say the Team Rocket motto together. Ash begins charging after them, but Cacnea uses {{m|Sandstorm}} sending Ash flying and landing on them, knocking Pikachu's cage out of their hands. Back to the epic battle again, Seviper uses {{m|Bite}} and then Poison Tail, but Zangoose avoids as it begins to tire. Before Seviper can do something, Pikachu's cage falls from the sky and interrupts the battle, with Ash and the rest close behind. Wobbuffet somehow ends up with the cage and everyone begins chasing it. Jessie yells at them to stop. Ash swipes the cage from Wobbuffet's hands. The epic battle resumes, with Zangoose trying out a new strategy. Zangoose eventually wins and knocks out Seviper with a {{m|Crush Claw}}. Team Rocket attempts to get back Pikachu. James sends out Cacnea, hitting them all with its Pin Missile, but a Thunder from Pikachu blasts them off once again. NicolaiNicholai congratulates Zangoose on its great battle skills, and agrees to let it rest after that showdown with Seviper. However, Ash and NicolaiNicholai never finished their match, so they decide to continue. NicolaiNicholai sends out {{p|Zigzagoon}} and Ash battles it using Pikachu. The battle rages on with the winner unrevealed.
==Major events==