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==={{series|Advanced Generation series}}===
[[File:Ash Torkoal debut.png|thumb|left|200px220px|Ash's Torkoal in its debut]]
Torkoal first appeared in ''[[AG058|All Torkoal, No Play]]''. The gang found Torkoal in the [[Valley of Steel]] being attacked by a group of {{p|Magnemite}} and a {{p|Skarmory}}. After the group of {{type|Steel}} Pokémon left, it thanked {{Ash}} and ran off. Torkoal was later found being attacked by the same Pokémon again. With the help of {{AP|Pikachu}} and [[May's Torchic]] and {{TP|May|Skitty}}, Torkoal made the other Pokémon flee; however, it fainted afterwards. After {{an|Brock}} nursed it back to full health, it heard a roar echo through the valley and again ran off incredibly fast. Later, Torkoal, once again with the gang, fended off a wild {{p|Magneton}} while {{an|May}} rescued Torchic from a long fall off of a cliff. As they reached the end of the valley, a {{p|Steelix}} revealed itself as the leader of the Steel types in the valley and began a battle with Torkoal. Despite the type disadvantage, Steelix was able to dominate the battle. Ash thought back to [[Flannery]]'s Torkoal and then commanded it to use Overheat. Steelix was then defeated, and before the other Steel types attacked, Steelix got up and issued respect to Torkoal. Ash then asked Torkoal if it wanted to join his team; Torkoal agreed to the idea and tackled Ash to the ground.
[[File:Soccer.png|thumb|200px220px|Torkoal attempting to kick a soccer ball]]
In the [[AG059|next episode]], Ash introduced Torkoal to the rest of the gang's Pokémon, which it greeted by releasing smoke from its nostrils. At a games carnival thrown by Team Rocket, Torkoal attempted to go on its back legs to kick a soccer ball, but ended up falling flat on its back. It was captured by Team Rocket along with {{AP|Treecko}} and {{AP|Corphish}}, but rescued by the intervention of {{an|Watt}}, [[Wattson]] and {{TP|Wattson|Electrike}}. After Electrike evolved into {{p|Manectric}}, Torkoal was so happy that it engulfed them all in smoke. Ash and Wattson then decided to have an informal rematch, and Ash decided to put Torkoal up against the newly evolved Manectric.
In ''[[AG128|Shocks and Bonds]]'', Ash uses Torkoal as his first Pokémon in his [[Full Battle]] against {{ho|Katie}} in the Victory Tournament. It went up against her {{p|Venomoth}}. Venomoth used {{m|Stun Spore}} and Torkoal blocked it with Iron Defense, Venomoth then used {{m|Disable}}, preventing Torkoal from using Iron Defense for a while, Torkoal then used Flamethrower which Venomoth dodged. Katie then recalled Venomoth and sent out her {{p|Golduck}}, who had a [[Type#Type effectiveness|type-advantage]]. Torkoal used Body Slam which was successfully countered by {{m|Hydro Pump}}, Golduck then used {{m|Fury Swipes}}, defeating Torkoal.
[[File:Ash and Torkoal.png|thumb|left|200px220px|Ash and Torkoal]]
In ''[[AG130|Choose It or Lose It!]]'', Ash used Torkoal as his third Pokémon in his Full Battle against [[Morrison]] in the Victory Tournament, it went up against his {{p|Steelix}} and Torkoal had a [[Type#Type advantage|type-advantage]]. Steelix used {{m|Dragon Breath}}, which Torkoal blocked with {{m|Iron Defense}}. Torkoal used Overheat and Steelix countered with Dragon Breath, with Overheat overpowering Steelix's Dragon Breath, dealing major damage. Torkoal used Flamethrower and Steelix used Dragon Breath, which were evenly matched and created smoke. Taking advantage of the smoke, Steelix used Dig. Torkoal used Iron Defense, but it didn't help as the attack came from below, Steelix used Dragon Breath again, hitting Torkoal knocking it out.
In ''[[AG133|The Right Place and the Right Mime]]'', Torkoal met the rest of Ash's Pokémon back in [[Kanto]] at Professor Oak's laboratory, striking up a quick friendship with {{AP|Cyndaquil}}. After Ash decided to challenge the {{Gdis|Battle Frontier|III}}, he left Torkoal and {{AP|Glalie}} with the rest of his Pokémon.
====Kanto Battle Frontier====
Torkoal was brought back to Ash's team in ''[[AG186|Overjoyed!]]'' to battle [[Pyramid King Brandon|Brandon]]'s {{DL|Brandon's legendary golems|Registeel}}, having mastered Heat Wave during its time at Oak's lab. It managed to hit a Flamethrower and a Body Slam, impressing [[Scott]], but failing to do any significant damage to Registeel. Registeel jumped onto the offensive with {{m|Zap Cannon}}, which Torkoal blocked, but after using {{m|Lock-On}}, Torkoal was forced to defend itself with Iron Defense. Torkoal avoided taking too much damage but was {{status|Paralysis|paralyzed}}. Torkoal used Body Slam, and managed to transfer the paralysis to Registeel, preventing Brandon from countering with {{m|Metal Claw}}. Registeel threw Torkoal, but Torkoal used the wall to re-direct another Body Slam.
Brandon was impressed but called Ash over-confident. Torkoal unleashed Heat Wave, but Brandon had Registeel break free from the attack and Ash ordered another Flamethrower. Registeel blocked Flamethrower with {{m|Sandstorm}} and trapped Torkoal in the vortex, but Torkoal pushed the sandstorm back onto Registeel with Heat Wave. Torkoal then used the power of the Sandstorm to strengthen its Body Slam. Torkoal remained on top of the battle, but Registeel used Lock-On followed by another Zap Cannon. The explosion broke apart the Sandstorm, and whilst Torkoal seemed to hold on, it collapsed and Ash lost his second match with Brandon.
==={{series|Diamond & Pearl series}}===
Torkoal was sent back to Ash at the [[Lily of the Valley Conference]] in ''[[DP182|An Old Family Blend!]]'', and after Glalie froze Ash with {{m|Ice Beam}}, it helped to thaw him out. It was Ash's second Pokémon to battle {{si|Tobias}}'s {{p|Darkrai}} in ''[[DP189|The Semi-Final Frontier!]]''. It launched a Flamethrower that was countered by a powerful {{m|Dark Pulse}} which wiped out Torkoal upon contact.
==={{series|Best Wishes series}}===
Torkoal was reunited with Ash in ''[[BW142|The Dream Continues!]]'', where it and the rest of Ash's Pokémon posed in a group photo with him.