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In Mainland China, the series is currently being translated by Jilin Publishing Group (吉林出版集团) under the title {{tt|精灵宝可梦特别篇|Pokémon Special}}. Before the DP chapter, the series was formerly named {{tt|神奇宝贝特别篇|Pokémon Special}}, but was renamed due to trademark issues. All the early volumes have now been republished under the new name as of 2014. Initially, the series was translated by China Light Industry Press (轻工业出版社) and known as {{tt|宠物小精灵特别篇|Pokémon Special}} for seven volumes, before Jilin Publishing took over in the 2000s.
[[File:Pokémon Adventures FI volume 12.jpgpng|thumb|100px|left|''Pokémon Adventures: Red, Blue & Green'' volume 12]]
On July 25, 2014, {{pmin|Finland|Finnish}} publisher Pauna Media started publishing the {{chap|Red, Green & Blue}} and the {{chap|Yellow}} under the combined title ''Pokémon Adventures: Red, Blue & Green''. The seven volumes of these story arcs were initially scheduled to be released monthly. The Finnish version is based on and translated from the Japanese version. The names of moves, most characters, and Pokémon, however, will be in English by request of English licensors.