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Meanwhile, Ash and {{ashfr}} have entered the Space Center and Ash wonders aloud where the Gym Leader is. They come to a door and open it, finding various machines inside the rooms. This catches Ash's interest, and Max says that these are the training machines that {{wp|astronaut}}s use. Ash runs to one, while May, Max, and Brock approach another. May wonders what it is, and Max calls it a moon walker. He explains that astronauts use it to practice walking on the moon in decreased {{wp|Gravitation|gravity}}, and May pictures herself having fun on the machine. Ash, meanwhile, is interested in the nearby MAT (multi-axis Trainer). Finding the gate in front of it unlocked, he and {{AP|Pikachu}} get in the seat and Ash straps himself in, thinking it'll be fun to ride it. Looking around for a way to start it, he sees two buttons on the left armrest: a blue one and a red one. He pushes the red one, and the MAT promptly begins to rotate and spin rapidly, causing Ash and Pikachu to yell out and hang on for dear life. Finally, Pikachu braces itself against Ash and stretches its tail towards the blue button, barely managing to push it, stopping the ride. Ash and Pikachu get off, stagger up to the others, and collapse, very dizzy. Brock says it's his own fault for "touching stuff", and May tells him not to expect any sympathy. She also says that "boys are so immature" under her breath.
As Ash asks why the room won't stop spinning, a series of lights and sounds coming from some low windows nearby catches his attention. He crawls over and looks, and what he sees is a [[Pokémon battle]] between an identically dressed boy and girl ([[Tate and Liza]]) while a {{p|Baltoy}} is positioned at each corner of the room, four in total. Now ''very'' interested, Ash watches as [[Tate's {{p|Solrock}}]] and [[Liza's {{p|Lunatone}}]] both use {{m|Tackle}}, colliding in the middle of the field. Liza taunts her brother, saying that "he'll have to do better than that." Tate then tells Solrock to use {{m|Sandstorm}}, but it has no effect on Lunatone, causing Liza to remind him that Sandstorm doesn't work on other {{type|Rock}}s. She then tells Lunatone to use {{m|Psychic}}, which shoves Solrock backwards into the wall behind Tate. Tate then calls for a {{m|Solar Beam}} counterattack, which Solrock begins to charge. However, this is proven a mistake when Liza has Lunatone hit Solrock with Tackle, breaking its concentration. Tate then has Solrock fire the Solar Beam, but Liza has Lunatone counter with {{m|Ice Beam}}, and, after the two beams collide and clash for a bit, the Ice Beam prevails, as Solrock didn't absorb enough sunlight to fire a strong enough Solar Beam. Ripping through the Solar Beam, the Ice Beam subsequently {{Status|freeze}}s Solrock solid in a slab of ice.
[[File:Mossdeep Space Shuttle anime.png|thumb|220px|The shuttle]]
* {{p|Seviper}} ({{OP|Jessie|Seviper}})
* {{p|Cacnea}} ({{OP|James|Cacnea}})
* {{p|Lunatone}} ([[Tate and Liza{{OP|Liza]]'s|Lunatone}})
* {{p|Solrock}} ([[Tate and Liza{{OP|Tate]]'s|Solrock}})
* {{p|Baltoy}} ([[Mossdeep Gym]]'s;, ×4)