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Hidden Pokémon: Any three points form a triangle
Hidden Pokémon that spontaneously appear may come from any species recognized as being in the area by the DexNav except for species exclusive to [[Horde Encounters]] or fishing. Hidden Pokémon can also actively be searched for using the "Search" button on the Found Pokémon screen. Using this search function can allow the player to force horde- or fishing-exclusive Pokémon to appear as hidden Pokémon.
Hidden Pokémon behave differently depending on the type of tile they reveal themselves in. Those in [[tall grass]], {{DL|tall grass|long grass}}, or {{DL|tall grass|seaweed}} remain stationary, while those in [[Water tile|water]], [[Sand tile|deep sand]], or [[cave tile]]s warp around a small, defined area, usually amongbetween three distinct spots that may take on a triangular shape. The stationary hidden Pokémon will begin appearing as soon as the player obtains the DexNav, but only in a select few predefined locations on {{rt|101|Hoenn}} and {{rt|102|Hoenn}}. They start appearing spontaneously after {{ga|Brendan}}/{{ga|May}} mentions Detector Mode on Route 102. Mobile hidden Pokémon will begin appearing spontaneously after the player obtains the Balance Badge.
Hidden Pokémon in water can only be encountered by {{m|Surf}}ing; attempting to fish where a hidden Pokémon is located will ignore the hidden Pokémon.