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Walrein/Milotic (TCG)

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'''Walrein/Milotic''' was a [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]] {{TCG|deck archetype}} created by 2006 U.S. National Champion [[Martin Moreno]] after the release of {{TCG|EX Hidden Legends}} during the later part of the 2004 season. Though Moreno is credited with developing the deck, its best showings were in the hands of [[Kyle Sucevich]], who piloted it to 2nd place at the 2004 U.S. National Championships and Top Sixteen at the {{TCG|2004 World Championships|2004 World Championships}}. The strategy of the deck centered around using {{TCG ID|EX Hidden Legends|Walrein|15}}'s ''Sheer Cold'' attack in combination with {{TCG ID|EX Hidden Legends|Milotic|12}}'s ''Healing Shower'' {{TCG|Poké-POWER}} to stall the opponent while gradually dealing damage.

In a format largely dominated by {{TCG|Pokémon-ex}} such as [[Blaziken ex (EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 89)|Blaziken]] and [[Gardevoir ex (EX Sandstorm 96)|Gardevoir]], forcing the opponent to knock out six individual Pokémon slowed down the pace of the game considerably. {{TCG ID|EX Hidden Legends|Walrein|15}}'s ''Sheer Cold'', the main attack in the deck, did 50 damage for {{e|Water}}{{e|Water}}{{e}}, which was not particularly strong. However, its strength lie in its effect: giving the Defending Pokémon only a 50% chance of successfully attacking the following turn. {{TCG ID|EX Hidden Legends|Milotic|12}}'s inclusion in the deck, though it could serve as a secondary attacker in a pinch, was based on its ''Healing Shower'' {{TCG|Poké-POWER}}. ''Healing Shower'' gave the user the option to remove all damage counters from both players' Pokémon when Milotic came into play. Between the lack of Pokémon-ex in the deck, ''Sheer Cold'', and ''Healing Shower'', it was difficult for an opponent to take six prizes. Though Walrein/Milotic was incapable of dealing heavy damage, the gradual accumulation of 50 damage per turn was much more substantial in the context of this slowed-down game state. As {{TCG|Water|Water-type}} Pokémon, Walrein and Milotic were able to deal double damage against the aforementioned Blaziken ex, an extremely popular {{TCG|Fire|Fire-type}} attacker at the time. The inclusion of {{TCG|Crystal Shard}} also gave them the ability to hit {{TCG ID|EX Dragon|Rayquaza ex|97}}, another oft-played Pokémon, for weakness.

The one significant aggressive aspect to the deck involved using Walrein's ''Crush Draw'' Poké-POWER in combination with {{TCG|Oracle}} for energy acceleration. While most decks of the era relied on Oracle in some capacity, the synergy between ''Crush Draw'' and Oracle is obvious. A player could use Oracle to place a {{TCG|Water Energy}} on top of the deck, and immediately attach it with ''Crush Draw''. With two Walrein in play, the player could use this combination to attach two additional Energy per turn.

==Key cards==
* '''{{TCG ID|EX Hidden Legends|Walrein|15}}''' - Walrein was the deck's main attacker. Its ''Sheer Cold'', while dealing only 50 damage, forced the opponent to flip a coin in order to successfully attack with the Defending Pokémon the following turn. This, in combination with its high (for the time) 120 HP, uncommon {{e|Metal}} weakness, and Milotic's ''Healing Shower'', gave Walrein significant staying power.
* '''{{TCG ID|EX Hidden Legends|Milotic|12}}''' - Milotic's ''Healing Shower'' Poké-POWER allowed the player to heal all damage on the field when putting Milotic into play, which fit into the deck's strategy of slowing down the pace of gameplay.
* '''{{TCG ID|EX Sandstorm|Dunsparce|60}}''' - Dunsparce was the deck's ideal starter Pokémon. With its ''Strike and Run'' attack, Dunsparce could instantly give the player a strong setup; most decks of the time relied on Dunsparce early in the game.
* '''{{TCG|Oracle}}''' - In addition to being a generally valuable consistency card (particularly partnered with {{TCG|Fast Ball}}), Oracle provided strong energy acceleration combined with Walrein's ''Crush Draw'' Poké-POWER.
* '''{{TCG|Rare Candy}}''' - Rare Candy accelerated the deck's ability to get Walrein into play.

==Typical decklist==
{{DeckArchetype}} This particular list was used by [[Kyle Sucevich]] to finish in the top sixteen at the 2004 World Championships.
{{decklist/entry|4|{{TCG ID|EX Hidden Legends|Walrein|15}}|Water||Rare Holo}}
{{decklist/entry|3|{{TCG ID|EX Hidden Legends|Sealeo|47}}|Water||Uncommon}}
{{decklist/entry|4|{{TCG ID|EX Hidden Legends|Spheal|74}}|Water||Common}}
{{decklist/entry|2|{{TCG ID|EX Hidden Legends|Milotic|12}}|Water||Rare Holo}}
{{decklist/entry|2|{{TCG ID|EX Hidden Legends|Feebas|61}}|Water||Common}}
{{decklist/entry|3|{{TCG ID|EX Sandstorm|Dunsparce|60}}|Colorless||Uncommon}}
{{decklist/entry|3|{{TCG|TV Reporter}}|Supporter||Uncommon}}
{{decklist/entry|3|{{TCG|Steven's Advice}}|Supporter||Uncommon}}
{{decklist/entry|1|{{TCG|Mr. Briney's Compassion}}|Supporter||Uncommon}}
{{decklist/entry|1|{{TCG|Town Volunteers}}|Supporter||Uncommon}}
{{decklist/entry|3|{{TCG|Rare Candy}}|Trainer||Uncommon}}
{{decklist/entry|2|{{TCG|Crystal Shard}}|Trainer||Uncommon}}
{{decklist/entry|1|{{TCG|Warp Point}}|Trainer||Uncommon}}
{{decklist/entry|1|[[Ancient Technical Machine (EX Hidden Legends 85)|Ancient Technical Machine [Rock]]]|Trainer||Uncommon}}
{{decklist/entry|1|{{TCG|Fast Ball}}|Trainer||Uncommon}}
{{decklist/entry|3|{{TCG|Desert Ruins}}|Stadium||Uncommon}}
{{decklist/entry|2|{{TCG|Double Rainbow Energy}}|Energy|Rainbow|Rare}}
{{decklist/entry|14|{{TCG|Water Energy}}|Energy|Water|None}}

==Possible tech cards==
''The following cards are often used in Wailord/Fossils in place of certain cards included in the above list.''

==See also==
* [[2004 World Championships (TCG)]]

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