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* This is another time where the Pokémon Quiz segment features a Pokémon that has already been featured. In this case, {{p|Chespin}} was featured [[XY010|73 episodes ago]].
* Music from ''[[PK24|Meloetta's Moonlight Serenade]]'' is used in this episode.
* ''[[Brilliantly]]'' is used as an insert song in this episode.
* {{an|Serena}} narrates the preview for the [[XY084|next episode]].
* When Ash is revealing his Pikachu back, he is seen wearing his backpack despite the fact he leaves his backpack in the early scene, but in next scene, he doesn't wear it.
* In one scene, Bunnelby's tooth is colored gray just like its skin instead of white.
File:XY083_error.png|Ash with his backpack
[[File:Title Card XY Ash.png|thumb|200px|The dub's title card with Serena's old design]]
* The title card segment focuses on Ash and read by Ash in the dub instead of Clemont.
* [[Brilliantly]] was replaced with an instrumental song, and Chespin's and Bunnelby's voices were added to the scene that was previously unvoiced in the dub.
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