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'''Range''' is a statistic that only appears in [[Pokémon Conquest]]. It determines the amount of tiles a Pokémon is able to move across the game's grid-based battlefields. Each of the 200 Pokémon species found in the game has an unmodified Range of 2, 3, or 4, with 3 being far most common. These values are species-specific, meaning that no two Pokémon of the same species can differ in Range without the assistance of modifiers, which are signified by the value's text color changing from black to blue. Range can be temporarily modified during battle by various [[Warrior Skill]]s, [[List of Abilities in Pokémon Conquest|Abilities]], and [[move]]s. The Ability {{DL|List of Abilities in Pokémon Conquest|Sprint}} permanently modifies Range, keeping it 1 above its unmodified value even outside of battle. When a modified Range of 6 has been reached, further increases will not affect the Range stat. Neither will further decreases when a modified Range of 1 has been reached.<!--Note: the movement-reducing effect of snow tile terrain is not displayed as a modification of the Range stat. Nor is the movement-restraining effect of Outrage-->
'''RangeEnergy''' is a statistic that only appears in [[Pokémon Conquest]]. Energy affects a Pokémon's performance in battle and their link with their trainer. A Pokémon with maximum Energy will have slighter higher stats and gain slightly more Link percentage after a battle; a Pokémon with minimum Energy will have slightly lower stats and gain less Link percentage. Regardless of energy levels or how often they are used in battle, a Pokémon's Energy drops one level after three months.
The main way to recover Energy is by visiting pongiri, where buying a pongiri will recover the Energy for all Pokémon visiting. Upgrading a pongiri shop allows more expensive pongiri to be purchased, which recover more Energy at once. Sometimes, the shop owner will offer a free second helping; accepting will either raise the Pokémon's Energy to maximum, or cause it to drop. Energy can also be recovered by usage of items, or by certain [[Warrior Skill]]s. However, Energy boosts granted by a Warrior Skill only last the duration of the current battle, and the Pokémon's Energy returns to its pre-battle value afterward.