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Mark of completion: Long grass is not strictly a type of tall grass. Seaweed MUST be included, it's far too easy to overlook (not to mention it's not on "land"); Horde Encounters similarly so.
[[File:DexNav catching progress bronze crown.jpg|thumb|A bronze crown awarded for obtaining all the Pokémon obtainable in the tall grass]]
For areas in which wild Pokémon appear, if the player has owned all wild Pokémon that appear in an area by one or more methods, its progress map will show a crown in the upper-right hand corner as a mark of completion. In any area, there are up to three different types of encounters possible.
*Land-based encounters ([[tall grass|grass]], [[cave tile|caves]], and [[sand tile|sand]]) and {{DL|tall grass|seaweed}}, including any [[Horde Encounter]]s
Pokémon that are not native to Hoenn and are exclusively encountered as hidden Pokémon are never counted in either the land-based or Surfing encounters.
The crown shown will be different colors—bronze, silver, or gold—depending on how many encounter types have yet to be completed—twocompleted: two, one, or none respectively. A platinum crown can also be obtained after defeating or capturing Groudon/Kyogre if the above conditions for the crown being gold are met and the area either has no Pokémon that can only be encountered as hidden Pokémon or all such Pokémon have been captured.