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Wailord ex (EX Sandstorm 100)

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This was the first card in the TCG to have 200 HP, and also the first card with a Retreat Cost of five. Prior to the release of the {{TCG|XY}} expansion, 200 HP was the highest legal HP value on any card, with all appearing on {{TCG|Wailord}} cards. This figure was surpassed by {{TCG ID|XY|M Venusaur-EX|2}} with 230 HP and {{TCG ID|XY|M Blastoise-EX|30}} with 220 HP, released in the {{TCG|XY}} expansion in early 2014 (late 2013 in Japan). AsSince then, a number of other cards with over 200 HP have been released, including another {{TCG ID|Primal Clash|Wailord-EX|38}}, athis Retreattime Costwith 250 HP. As of five{{TCG|Primal existsClash}}, onlyreleased onin fourEnglish cards,in theFebruary 2015, three othersother beingPokémon have a Retreat Cost of five: {{TCG ID|EX Dragon|Golem ex|91}}, {{TCG ID|EX Unseen Forces|Steelix ex|109}} and {{TCG ID|Stormfront|Mamoswine|21}}.