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The episode opens up with {{cleanupan|sectionSerena}} being given a [[Pokédex]] by [[Professor Sycamore]], as she chooses one of the three Kalos [[starter Pokémon]]. She scans each Pokémon with her new Pokédex and exclaims to Professor Sycamore that she has already decided which she would choose before she left home. Her choice is revealed to be {{TP|Serena|width=50%Fennekin}}.
{{an|Serena}} is given a Pokédex by [[Professor Sycamore]], and she is allowed to choose one of the three [[starter Pokémon]] of Kalos. Serena decided who she would choose before she left home, and her choice is revealed to be {{TP|Serena|Fennekin}}.
Meanwhile, {{Ash}}, {{an|Clemont}}, and {{an|Bonnie}} are resting in the woods as they make their way to [[Santalune City]]. Bonnie is gushinggushes over {{AP|Pikachu}}'s cuteness and strokingstrokes his tail., Ashand allowsthen Bonnieexcitedly toasks feedAsh hisif Pikachushe andcan also pet {{AP|Fletchling}} some Pokémon food. However,Ash atakes {{TP|Clemont|Dedenne}}out runsFletchling up toand Bonnie, snatches a piece of Pokémon food from her hand, and runs up a treebegins to eatclean it.its The three are shocked, as they realize that this Dedenne is the same one that ran away from them in the previous episodewings. Bonnie still desperately wants the Dedenne, but it runs away again, and the three chase after it.
DedenneAsh digsthen multipleallows holesBonnie into orderfeed toPikachu trickand Ash,Fletchling Clemont,some andPokémon Bonniefood. ClemontHowever, ultimatelya ends{{TP|Clemont|Dedenne}} runs up grabbingto PikachuBonnie, mistakingsnatches ita forpiece Dedenne,of andPokémon Pikachufood zapsfrom himher inhand, surprise.and Pikachuruns jumps downup a holetree and corners Dedenne beforeto tacklingeat it. The twothree tumbleare downshocked, oneas tunnel,they intorealize another,that andthis endDedenne upis fallingthe outsame ofone athat holeran onaway thefrom sidethem ofin athe [[XY003|previous cliffepisode]]. Furious,Bonnie Dedennestill attemptsdesperately towants runthe awayDedenne, but Pikachuit managesruns toaway settleagain, things betweenand the twothree chase after it. {{TRT}}Ash spiesasks onFletchling theto twofollow {{t|Electric}}Dedenne Pokémon,by andair decidebut thatit poachingloses Pikachusight nowof isthe aAntenna goodPokémon. timeWhile searching, asBonnie Ashtrips over a smalll hole and {{ashfr}}sees isn'tDedenne nearbyin toa stopsimilar themhole.
Bonnie,The whogroup still wantedattempt to keepcatch Dedenne, iswho lookingtrick in one of the holes for itAsh, wondering where it had goneClemont, while Ash is worrying about his Pikachu. Later, Dedenne and PikachuBonnie tryby to find their way back to Ash and his friends, whoappearing in turndifferent areholes trying to findalong the two Pokémon. Pikachu zaps a [[Sitrus Berry]] off a tree for the hungry Dedennepath, but the Antenna Pokémon's meal is cut short by Team Rocket, who shoots a net that narrowly misses the two Pokémon. On Ash's side, they still have no sight on both Pikachu and Dedenne, and Clemont sends {{TP|Clemont|Bunnelby}}'s backand downPikachu thehelp to continuetry lookingcornering forDedenne them,in whilethose Ash asked his Fletchling to seach for them fro the skyholes. Back at the chase, Team Rocket chases Dedenne and Pikachu toeventually a rocky hillside, where the two Pokémon manage to put some distance between them and Team Rocket, despitecorners Dedenne nearlyunderground fallingbefore off, as Pikachu savestackling Dedenne,. impressingThe itforce withcauses histhe bravery. [[James]] decidespair to useroll hisdown newtoo {{TP|James|Inkay}}far fordown the first time, and Inkay managestunnel to injureroll Dedenne with a {{m|Tackle}} and knock bothout of the Electric Pokémon into a river.cliff Team Rocket chases them on an inflatable boat but they end up crashingface into a rock, which deflates their boat, which sends them flying into the sky with all the air expelling from their boatfield.
Ash's Fletchling flies overhead and finds Pikachu and a weakened Dedenne. Ash and friends reunite with Pikachu and DedenneMeanwhile, but{{TRT}} Dedennespot isthe tootwo tired{{type|Electric}} toPokémon standcommunicating up. Clemont makes a machine that recharges Dedenne withvia electricity, but he pulls out an essential part of the machine by accident, causing it to explode. Although another one of Clemont's machines has been destroyed, Dedenne is recharged and as energetic as ever. Team Rocket returns and Clemont commands Dedenne in the fight. Dedenne uses {{man|NuzzleJames}} oncorrectly James's Inkay, paralyzing the Revolving Pokémon.identifies Dedenne andusing Pikachuhis sendhandheld acomputer lightningflash bolt at Inkay and Team Rocket, blasting them off yet againcards. WithThey Teamnotice Rocketthat takenthe care of, Clemont finally catches Dedenne. The three"twerps" are overjoyed,not especially Bonnie. Clemont then lets Dedenne out of its Poké Ball,present and Bonniebegin unwittingly tells Dedenneplotting to usecatch Nuzzle,both resulting in another electric shock for her! But as everyone laughs, she laughs it off too!Pokémon.
The episodes ends withElsewhere, SerenaAsh and herhis newfriends Fennekinnotice walkingthat throughneither theDedenne woods,nor lookingPikachu forare acoming Pokémonback Center.out A {{p|Vespiquen}} attacks them when she mistakes her for a person, but Fennekin savesof the day when she repels the Vespiquen with {{m|Ember}}holes. TheClemont Vespiquenasks escapesBunnelby andto [[Nursesearch Joy]] and {{p|Wigglytuff}} arrive shortly after. Nurse Joy helps leadfor the two to the nearby Pokémon Center.
At the same time, Pikachu and Dedenne attempt to reach Ash and the group and Pikachu notices that Dedenne is hungry. Pikachu uses {{m|Thunderbolt}} to retrieve a {{b|Sitrus}} Berry which Dedenne begins to eat. However, they are interrupted by Team Rocket who try but fail to capture the two. Pikachu and Dedenne run away, and Pikachu retaliates with Thunderbolt. Jessie commands {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} to [[Mirror Move (move)|counter]] the move which hits Pikachu and Dedenne.
Meanwhile, Bunnelby arrives from searching but shakes its head sadly that Pikachu and Dedenne could not be found. Ash then commands Fletchling to search for the two Pokémon.
Back with Team Rocket, Pikachu and Dedenne have fled onto a steep rocky cliff face. Jessie throws an electric net at the pair which misses, but causes Dedenne to fall. Pikachu manages to grab its tail and then both run further up the rocky cliff face. To catch up to them, {{an|James}} decides to use his new {{TP|James|Inkay}}, and Inkay manages to injure Dedenne with {{m|Tackle}}. Inkay proceeds to use {{m|Psybeam}} which knocks both Electric Pokémon into a river. Team Rocket then chase them downstream on an inflatable boat but end up crashing into a rock. The boat deflates, which sends them {{DL|Team Rocket mottos|blasting off}}.
Pikachu and Dedenne manage to land on the river bank as Ash's Fletchling flies overhead and finds Pikachu and a weakened Dedenne. Ash and friends reunite with the two Pokémon, and Clemont decides to heal Dedenne by recharging Dedenne with electricity. He charges up his "[[List of Clemont's inventions|Electricity Generator]]" which makes Dedenne feel better, but Clemont forgets to add an essential part of the machine, causing it to explode.
Team Rocket returns and Clemont commands Dedenne to fight. Dedenne uses Tackle on James's Inkay, but Inkay retaliates with {{m|Foul Play}}. Inkay then uses Psybeam which Dedenne dodges, then hits Inkay with another Tackle. Dedenne uses {{m|Nuzzle}}, [[paralysis|paralyzing]] the Revolving Pokémon. Dedenne and Pikachu then use {{m|Thunder Shock}} and Thunderbolt simultaneously, sending a lightning bolt at Inkay and Team Rocket, sending them blasting them off yet again. With Team Rocket taken care of, Clemont finally catches Dedenne. The three are overjoyed, especially Bonnie. Clemont lets Dedenne out of its Poké Ball, and Bonnie unwittingly tells Dedenne to use Nuzzle, resulting in another electric shock for her! Dedenne then begins to sleep to conserve his energy.
The episodes ends with Serena and her new Fennekin walking through the woods, looking for a [[Pokémon Center]]. Growing dark, she worries about having to camp, and notices a person along the path who she goes to ask for directions. The person turns out to be a {{p|Vespiquen}} which attacks them, but Fennekin saves the day when she repels the Vespiquen with {{m|Ember}}. The Vespiquen flees and [[Nurse Joy]] and {{p|Wigglytuff}} arrive shortly after. Nurse Joy helps lead the two to the nearby Pokémon Center.
==Major events==