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[[File:Key Xtransceiver f Sprite.png|thumb|Female model obtain sprite from Black and White]]
===In Pokémon Black and White===
The player obtains his or her Xtransceiver early in the game from their [[{{OBP|mom|mother]]Black and White}}. In the context of the game, it is a powerful communication tool, and allows the user to contact other Trainers; however, the player can only use it to talk to other players.
At various points in the plot, the player will receive instructions from other characters to advance the storyline. The player's [[mom|mother]], [[Bianca]], [[Cheren]], and [[Professor Juniper]] all call the player at various points in the game.
Using the [[C-Gear]]'s wireless feature, the Xtransceiver can be used to communicate with other real-life players nearby. Up to four players can talk to each other using a radio-like system. If they have a [[Nintendo DSi]], [[Nintendo DSi XL]], [[Nintendo 3DS]], or [[Nintendo 3DS XL]], they also have the option to see each other with the console's built-in camera.
* The "X" in Xtransceiver is pronounced as "cross," making the complete name "cross-transceiver," as stated by the {{player}}'s [[Mom|mother]].
* In {{game|Black and White|s}}, Xtransceivers are blue for males and pink for females. In {{game3|Black and White|Pokémon Black 2 and White 2|s 2}}, they are red for males and yellow for females. Hugh has a light purple Xtransceiver. The watchband of Xtransceiver is black except for Bianca and Rosa, whose watchbands are white.
* The [[Holo Caster]] from [[Pokémon X and Y]] works similarly to this item.