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Morning has come, and Scraggy is first to rise, followed by Pikachu and Snivy. Scraggy is determined to find Iris and Axew and leaves for the path. Pikachu gestures to Snivy before chasing after Scraggy. Snivy sighs as she notes that Ash is still asleep, but Cilan reassures her that Ash will eventually follow as well. Unfortunately Team Rocket already has their sights on Pikachu and Scraggy...
Snivy eventually wakes Ash up by prodding him with her {{m|Vine Whip}}, who turns to see that everyone has awoken and is ready to leave. Ash gets down from the tree, but Snivy starts pushing him forward with her Vine Whip. {{TP|Ash|Pignite}} and {{TP|Ash|Oshawott}} join in, forcing Ash into a run down the hill as {{TP|Ash|Charizard}} neatly puts his [[bag|backpack]] on. Ash is confused as to what everyone is doing until Cilan starts explaining their intentions. Cilan asks if Ash would ever leave his Pokémon behind if he had an argument with them, to which Ash emphatically answers in the negative. Making his point, Cilan says that likewise Ash wouldn't give up on a friend just because of a fight they had. Ash begins recalling all the fun times he had with Iris, and realizes what he needs to do: find Iris and sincerely apologize. He declares this to the others much to their happy approval.
Still trying to find Iris and Axew, Pikachu and Scraggy continue down their path but are intercepted by Team Rocket, who recite their motto. Pikachu uses Electro Ball to stop the net and Scraggy tries attacking Team Rocket with his {{m|Focus Blast}} but misses, and he and Pikachu are caught in another net just as Ash and Cilan show up. Ash tries to send out Charizard but is quickly netted with Cilan, leaving Team Rocket to fly away in their balloon. Meowth gloats to the viewers, earning him admonition by Jessie and James. Just then, a {{m|Dragon Rage}} erupts from the nearby trees, severing the rope tying Pikachu and Scraggy's net to the balloon. Iris jumps out to catch the falling Pokémon and frees them from their net, calling to Ash who then orders a {{m|Thunderbolt}} from Pikachu to blast off Jessie, James, and Meowth of the balloon.