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Ash and {{ashfr|the others}} love the idea of the festival and decide to participate, so he and Serena both leave to go find suitable gifts for their Pokémon. Clemont and Bonnie stay at the Pokémon Center, because Clemont would rather build a gift for his Pokémon himself and Bonnie assumes the duty of keeping watch over everyone's Pokémon while Ash and Serena are out shopping. Being alone with Ash makes Serena uncomfortable, as it reminds her of a date, but she and Ash have fun all the same. {{TRT}} overhears this conversation and plans on stealing all the presents and Pokémon. Meanwhile, Ash has a tendency to take notice of the most ludicrous or impractical gifts, leaving it to Serena to point out why they wouldn't work. While Serena is looking in the displays of more shops, Ash decides to leave and find a present for his Pokémon himself, promising to meet up with Serena at the monorail station later. Meanwhile, Bonnie is having a hard time keeping the Pokémon under control. While trying to have the Pokémon line up so she can brush them, she realizes that {{AP|Goomy}} needs water, has to tell {{TP|Clemont|Bunnelby}} and {{AP|Hawlucha}} to listen to her, and tries to break up yet another squabble between {{TP|Serena|Pancham}} and {{TP|Clemont|Chespin}}.
Late that afternoon, Ash and Serena meet each other at the monorail station as they promised. Serena has found presents for Fennekin and Pancham, but Ash has had no such luck and is worried that he won't be able to find the right gift for his Pokémon. As he enters the monorail station ahead of Serena, however, Ash is suddenly approached by workers at the station and congratulated for being the millionth visitor to the monorail, being given a long blue ribbon as a prize. On the ride back, Ash confides to Serena his difficulties in finding a present, and she asks him what ''he'' would want as a gift, because all of his Pokémon are similar to him. Thinking about her words, Ash has a stroke of inspiration for a gift and runs to the woods outside Coumarine City, searching for his gift to his Pokémon. While searching, he sees a {{p|Dunsparce}}, but fails to catch it because he has no [[Poké Ball]]s with him. Even though he has no Poké Balls, Ash still needneeds to finish what he has to do.
When Serena arrives back at the Pokémon Center, she sits down at the table Clemont is working at and the two of them work on their presents while Bonnie decides to give all of the Pokémon a present herself by drawing a portrait of all of them. Finally, the presents are finished and Ash runs up to them outside the Pokémon Center, holding a huge sack over his shoulder. The group all heads up to the Pledging Tree, where they place their presents underneath it. Just as Ramos begins the ceremony, however, a huge vacuum begins taking away all of the presents. {{AP|Frogadier}}, being the quickest to react, aims a {{m|Water Pulse}} at the source of the vacuum and causes Team Rocket to fall out of the tree. The heroes are shocked to see Team Rocket and demands them to give back everyone's presents, but the crooks refuse and starts using the vacuum to suck up the Pokémon. Thinking fast, Ash tells {{AP|Pikachu}} to use {{m|Iron Tail}} to cut the vacuum's hose, stopping it. Enraged, [[Jessie]] sends out {{TP|Jessie|Pumpkaboo}} to use {{m|Shadow Ball}}, but it gets blocked by Frogadier's Water