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:*When she sees Ash battling [[Viola]], she is so overcome with excitement that she runs toward the battlefield, seemingly planning on going ''directly'' on there to greet Ash without noticing that the battle is still in progress.
:*Later, when Ash loses the battle, Serena is obviously remorseful and attempts to speak to him, but is further saddened when he runs past her without noticing her, since he is concentrating on his injured Pokémon.
:*When Serena returns Ash's [[bag|backpack]] to him (which Ash had left behind at the Gym), she starts to ask Ash something while blushing a little, only to be interrupted by the [[Pokémon Center]] bell.
:*When Ash is on the ground from the intense {{pkmn|training}}, dirty after falling to the ground while catching Pikachu and {{AP|Fletchling}}, Serena walks up to him and hands him a handkerchief to clean himself up with, showing her thoughtfulness towards him.
:*Serena looks nervous before she asks him if he remembers her. It is interesting to note that when she is seen interacting with [[Grace (Kalos)|her mother]], Serena has a sassy and rebellious attitude towards her, but whenever she is around Ash, she seems to be extremely hesitant and nervous, contradicting the personality that viewers have seen from her in prior episodes.
:*When it is nighttime and everyone is sleeping, there is a view of the whole room with Serena's bed shown to be empty. It is then revealed that Serena is in the kitchen baking. At the end of the episode, she hands to Ash a pouch filled with cookies. She blushes and tells him that it is because she is thankful towards him. Then, she has a flashback of her and Ash when they were younger holding hands. After the flashback ends, she winks at him.
*''[[XY010|Mega-Mega Meowth Madness!]]
:*When Ash falls down, everybody else worries about Pikachu, but only Serena yells Ash's name.