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Pryce's Piloswine

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==In the anime==
Pryce had obtained Piloswine somewhere in his youth and the two were very close to each other. During a tournament Pryce entered in, Piloswine managed to defeat a {{p|Nidoking}} with a {{m|Take Down}}, a {{p|Golem}} with a {{m|Fury Attack}}, and an {{p|Ursaring}} with a {{m|Blizzard}}, freezing it in the process. Piloswine was on a roll until it went up against a Trainer with a {{p|Magmar}}. Pryce was confident that Piloswine was going to defeat Magmar, though. The battle began and one of Magmar's attacks burnt the {{type|Ice}}. When Magmar used {{m|Fire Blast}} to finish it off, Pryce jumped in the way to prevent it from getting hurt. As a result, both Pryce and Piloswine suffered grave burns and were taken to a cottage. Suddenly, Piloswine stepped outside andinto lefta the cottage to never come backsnowstorm, seemingly abandoning Pryce in disgust for theirthe defeat. Shocked, Pryce angrily yelled at him for leaving him after everything he had done for him, but Piloswine kept walking away until disappearing and never came back. This resulted in Pryce growing bitter and distant from histoward Pokémon in general.
[[File:Pryce and Piloswine.png|thumb|left|200px|Pryce and his Piloswine]]
Many years later, {{Ash}} and Pryce went into a cave where they found Piloswine trapped in ice, with some herbs by its side. It was revealed that Piloswine had stepped into the blizzard in order to get some herbs to cure Pryce from his burns, but became fell down and became frozen. Heartbroken, Pryce realized his huge misunderstanding. Ash melted the ice surrounding Piloswine with {{AP|Cyndaquil}}'s {{m|Flamethrower}} and then had {{AP|Pikachu}} use {{m|Thunder Shock}} on itthe Pokémon to revive it. It looked like Piloswine wouldn't wake up no matter how many times it was shocked, but after many attempts, it finally revived. This one proceeded to showshowed that it remembered his trainer, and Pryce was ecstatic to reunite with his old friend. Piloswine then used Rest to recover from the wounds it suffered. Ash, Pryce and Piloswine left the cave and reunited with [[Sheila]], {{an|Misty}} and {{an|Brock}}. {{TRT}} showed up and Piloswine took on their {{TP|Jessie|Arbok}} and {{TP|James|Weezing}}. Piloswine attackedproceeded to attack them with Fury Attack first and then froze them with Blizzard, leaving Pikachu to finish them off. Having a change of heart, Pryce finally accepted Ash's challenge.
In ''[[EP238|Nice Pryce, Baby!]]'', Pryce groomed Piloswine before his upcoming Gym battle. He sent it out after his {{p|Dewgong}} was defeated by Cyndaquil. Piloswine began with Blizzard which took Cyndaquil out in one hit. Pikachu was then sent out. Pikachu was hit by Piloswine's barrage of Blizzard attacks. Pikachu took advantage of this after one of the Blizzards formed an ice pillar, by having him slide under Piloswine and use {{m|Thunder}}. This hurt Piloswine, but it used Rest to recover. After waking up, Piloswine countered Pikachu's {{m|Quick Attack}} with a combination of Take Down and Fury Attack. Pikachu used {{m|Thunderbolt}} but it had no effect this time. Piloswine once again used the earlier used combo and started to get tired. Pryce threw in the towel and went up to Piloswine, rewarding it for a job well done.