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Metanite (TCG)

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*{{TCG ID|EX Delta Species|Dratini δ|65}} is here for the same reason as {{TCG ID|EX Delta Species|Beldum δ|59}}, although, for all intents and purposes, is even more pathetic on its own.
*{{TCG ID|EX Delta Species|Dragonair δ|41}} is {{TCG ID|EX Delta Species|Dragonite δ|3}}'s {{TCG ID|EX Delta Species|Metang δ|49}}, a middle evolution with mediocre stats.
*[[Latios ☆ (EX Deoxys 106)|Latios]] [[Image:Shiningsymbol.gif]]{{Star}} is a tech lineup against stage two evolutions which may overrun the deck by brute force,
*{{TCG ID|EX Dragon Frontiers|Nidoran♀ δ|56}} can be evolved into {{TCG ID|EX Dragon Frontiers|Nidoqueen δ|7}} using a {{TCG ID|EX Holon Phantoms|Rare Candy|90}}. Otherwise, it's horrible.
*{{TCG ID|EX Dragon Frontiers|Nidoqueen δ|7}} searches out ANY Pokémon with its great '''Invitation''' [[Pokémon Power|Poké-Power]], speeding up the deck greatly.
| 3x || {{TCG ID|EX Delta Species|Dragonite δ|3}} || {{e|Lightning}}{{e|Metal}} || [[Image: rare_rare.gif]]H
| 1x || [[Latios ☆ (EX Deoxys 106)|Latios]] [[Image:Shiningsymbol.gif]]{{Star}} || {{e|Colorless}} || [[Image: rare_rare.gif]]H
| 1x || {{TCG ID|EX Dragon Frontiers|Nidoran♀ δ|56}} || {{e|Metal}} || [[Image: rare_com.gif]]