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This card was reprinted again in 2002 on e-Card stock and awarded to the runners-up of each regional Battle Road Spring 2002 tournament, held between March and April 2002, and each Battle Road Summer 2002 tournament, held between July and August 2002. The Battle Road 2002 series was also the first to introduce the Master age division (for those 18 and over) in addition to the Junior and Senior divisions, which has remained the standard in all official events. A new illustration by [[Ken Sugimori]] was also used for this print featuring a female Trainer, making the distribution method of this trophy card unique based on the gender of the winner. The ratio of male to female variants for this card is unknown. Much like the Neo Spring/Summer Road series, the Battle Road Summer 2002 tournaments culminated in a "Best in Japan" final, but a [[Elite Four Trainer (Battle Road Summer 2002 finals promo)|new card]] was printed for the top ranking players.
The latest iteration of this card was awarded to those who came second in each {{tt|age division|Junior, Senior, and Master}} in the [[World Championships]]. It was first awarded in 2004 when [[Play! Pokémon Organized Play]] hosted the first Pokémon TCG World Championships under [[The Pokémon Company International|Pokémon USA]], and has been awarded at every Worlds tournament since. In 2007 this card was printed on DP stock, lacking the circle pattern prior prints featured. In 2010 this card was printed on HGSS stock, adopting the blue Trainer color scheme and gold illustration window. In 2011 this card was printed as an {{TCG|Item card}} on BW stock as per all previously classed Trainer cards. For the first time in 2013, the card was awarded to the runners-up of both the Trading Card Game Championships and the Video Game Championships in each age division.
The artwork was updated for the card awarded at the [[2014 World Championships]], featuring an embossed {{TCG|Full Art card|Full Art}} Pikachu complete with trophy by [[5ban Graphics]]. The card also features a silver border.