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[[File:YGlitchNameD0.png|link=]] is a dual-type {{2t|Poison|Ghost}} [[Glitch Pokémon]], found in {{game|Yellow}}. It can only be obtained via the [[JohtoTime guardCapsule glitchexploit]] with {{p|Crobat}}. It is a hybrid of {{p|Haunter}}.
[[File:YGlitchNameD0.png|link=]] has a very long name consisting mostly of spaces. Its cry is a distinct ping-sound.
{{Availability/Entry2/None|v=Red|v2=Blue|area=Becomes [[PkMn PkMn T]] in {{2v2|Red|Blue}}}}
{{Availability/Entry1|v=Yellow|area=[[JohtoTime guardCapsule glitchexploit]] ({{p|Crobat}})}}