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Hidden Pokémon
The DexNav will react if a hidden Pokémon appears near the player. If the DexNav is displaying the catching progress map, a magnifying glass indicator circled in red will flash over the map. If the Pokémon has been owned, a small, white Poké Ball icon will also be on the upper-right edge of the circle. An exclamation mark will appear inside of the magnifying glass if the Pokémon has a high level. Tapping the indicator will bring up the Hidden Pokémon screen. If the DexNav is not the active application, the same indicator will be overlain on its tab. If the DexNav is in a fullscreen mode when a hidden Pokémon is detected, it will automatically switch to the Hidden Pokémon screen.
At a minimum, the Hidden Pokémon screen will always show the Search Level of the target hidden Pokémon. If the player has owned the Pokémon, its type will also be displayed. When the player is close enough to the Pokémon, its silhouette (which matches its appearance if it were to be encountered, including details like [[List of Pokémon with form differences|form]] and [[gender]]) and [[level]] will also be shown. Other information, such as the Pokémon's first [[move]], [[Ability]], [[held item]], and [[individual values|potential]] may also be displayed, depending on the species' Search Level. If the Pokémon has a special move, Hidden Ability, high level, or high potential, an exclamation mark will appear next to that datum on the screen. If the Pokémon is of a species that can only be encountered as a hidden Pokémon, an exclamation mark will appear above its silhouette. If the player is not close enough to the Pokémon, the DexNav will only show a basic radar that indicates how far away from the Pokémon the player is by a number of arrows. The background of the Hidden Pokémon screen is shaded from gray to orange depending on the number of times the player has seen the Pokémon.
If the player moves too far away from a hidden Pokémon, it will disappear and the DexNav will lose its signal. A hidden Pokémon will also disappear if it is not encountered within approximately 100 seconds<!--except for the predefined ones...-->. Over this time, the Pokémon will make eight cries at regular intervals, including its initial cry. A hidden Pokémon will also disappear if the player transitions to a different area or enters a battle with a Trainer or a wild Pokémon. Switching between areas that do not have a transition, such as moving from {{rt|101|Hoenn}} to [[Littleroot Town]], will not make a hidden Pokémon disappear and the DexNav may continue reacting to its presence normally. Occasionally, a hidden Pokémon will also move or disappear more quickly than normal.<!--