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'''[[Phione]]''' ([[List of Japanese Pokémon names|Japanese:]] '''フィオネ''' ''Phione'') is a {{type|Water}} Pokémon known as the Sea Drifter Pokémon, and '''[[Manaphy]]''' ([[List of Japanese Pokémon names|Japanese]]: '''マナフィ''' ''Manaphy'') is a {{type|Water}} Pokémon known as the Seafaring Pokémon. Phione live in warm seas, using the inflation sac on their heads to search for food and to drift in packs, always returning to the place of their birth. Manaphy are born on cold seafloors, also swimming great distances to return to their birthplace, and are born with a wondrous power to bond with any kind of Pokémon. Together, these two Pokémon species make up a Mythical duo of a parent and child.
Manaphy hasand Phione have the unique ability among Mythical Pokémon to [[Pokémon breeding|breed]] with {{p|Ditto}} in captivity, producingto produce Phione. Phione, which cannot, however, [[evolution|evolve]] into Manaphy. Breeding a Manaphy or a Phione is theThe only legitimate way to obtain a Phione in-game. is to breed a Manaphy or another Phione. Phione is the strongerweaker of the two Pokémon, having 10080 distributed into everyeach stat whileinstead Phioneof has 80100.
Phione's status as a Mythical Pokémon is disputed, with even official sources contradicting one another. Further information can be found [[Phione#Mythical status|here]].